water leaking on 2000 sunfire GT with sunroof

Discussion in 'Pontiac Sunfire' started by none, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. none

    none Guest

    My wife has a 2000 GT with factory sunroof. She found water dripping
    yesterday at three mounting screws for the sunvisor (driver side). I have
    removed the screws, pulled the side plastic and check for the leak, it
    appears that the water some how collect around the mounting screws channel
    that is part of the roof structure position about is half way between the
    seal for front windshield to the sunroof. Clearly to me that it not leaking
    around the front windshield seals. Has anyone has similar problem as this
    and how to resolve this?

    P.S: Car never had windshield replacement or sunroof repair. The condition
    is just as factory.
    none, Jul 27, 2005
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