86 grand am wont run, help!

Discussion in 'Pontiac Grand Am' started by dreamer, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. dreamer

    dreamer Guest

    My 2.5L grand am had been tapping (lifters) and when I had the valve cover
    gasket replaced, and the EGR valve this tapping stopped, temporarily. It
    was discovered during the valve cover gasket replacement that 2 lifters were
    a bit on the dry side, by bit I mean not totally dry. About 3-4 days later
    the tapping began again, but this time it was louder. It was middle of the
    week, and on Saturday morning I went to my mechanics home, and left a note
    about having him work on the lifters (use a torque wrench, etc to make sure
    they were torque to the right numbers). I then returned home. 4-5hrs later
    I started up the car, let it warm up about 15mins, its winter here and very
    cold outside, backed out of the driveway, and at 2 blocks from the house I
    heard one loud clunk, the sound you might here if something metal fell off
    and hit the ground, the car immediately died. I tried to start it back up,
    and I get nothing but dash lights, the horn works, the radio, etc but no
    attempt whatsoever by the car to start. I mean nothing, but the turning of
    the key and the dash lights that come on when doing so is all it did. I
    lifted the hood, checked the belts, they were fine, battery was okay, and
    the car still did nothing. Pushed it home, and now it sits. It was
    discovered later that night that the started is barely connected to the car,
    bolts or bolt was missing, and when turning the key to start the car a hum
    can be heard that I am told is related to the selenoid.

    I have been told that to see if the motor is locked up one can try turning
    the crankshaft pulley and if it turns the motor isnt locked up. I am also
    told that I could have thrown a rod, but that normally it will still start,
    or try to if that has happened. I am also told that the starter being not
    properly connected could have caused something relating to the fly wheel to
    be jammed up or broken which would stop the car from operating. I am
    wondering if the car had thrown a rod and that if that was all it did that
    it should still try to start. I need to know if that is true or not! Also,
    if it has thrown a rod how can you tell? And, any other good advice or
    suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Thank you all!
    dreamer, Feb 1, 2004
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  2. dreamer


    first, remove the old starter, take a small crow bar or large screw
    driver and try to turn the motor by prying on the teeth of the fly
    wheel. te flywheel teeth will not be broken. replace the starter with a
    rebuilt unit with celanoid $90, or bench test the old one with jumper
    cables. it may have thrown a rod but unlikely. if that taping was a rod
    it may run forever that way, but dont count on it. alls yous can do is
    check the compresion with the new starter in. you can still have
    compresion with a busted rod or piston but it will run realy loud
    knocking clattering sound could be mistaken for a tappet (valve) noise
    but much more anoying. best thing to do is cange the oil with STP and
    run it at a fast idle for an hour. maybe this will break it in. or
    blow it up
    GREASY DICK, Feb 7, 2004
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