2001 Pontiac Montana Key FOB programming

Discussion in 'Pontiac Montana' started by kissrawks, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. kissrawks

    kissrawks Guest

    How do I program a Key Fob for a 2001 Pontiac Montana ?

    kissrawks, Mar 18, 2005
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  2. kissrawks

    DonW Guest

    The following was taken from the Service Information for a 01 Montana. I
    can not verify it will work:

    Transmitter Programming

    All transmitters which are to be recognized by the remote control door lock
    transmitter (RCDLR) must be programmed in a single programming sequence. If
    the system is placed in program mode it will erase all previously programmed
    transmitters upon the receipt of the programming signal from the first
    transmitter. Up to four transmitters can be programmed. Do not operate or
    program the transmitters in the vicinity of other vehicles that are in the
    keyless entry program mode. This prevents the programming of the
    transmitters to the incorrect vehicle.

    1. Remove the ignition key from the ignition lock cylinder.
    2. Remove the BCM PRGRM fuse from the fuse block.
    3. Close all of the doors.
    4. Insert the ignition key into the ignition lock cylinder.
    5. Turn the ignition to ACC. The body control module (BCM) will perform the
    following in order to identify the type of BCM installed in the vehicle:
    Flash the seat belt indicator 2, 3, or 4 times.
    Chime 2, 3, or 4 times.
    6. Turn the ignition to OFF, and then back to ACC within 1 second. The BCM
    may begin to chime and flash diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). If the BCM has
    stored any DTCs, refer to Diagnostic System Check - Body Control System in
    Body Control System.
    7. Open and then close any vehicle door. The BCM will chime in order to
    confirm that the programming mode has been entered.
    8. Press and hold the transmitter LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously for
    approximately 14 seconds.

    After approximately 3-5 seconds the BCM will chime once to confirm that the
    programming has been completed for that transmitter.
    9. Repeat the previous step in order to program each additional
    10. Remove the ignition key from the ignition lock cylinder.
    11. Install the BCM PRGRM fuse into the fuse block.
    12. Operate the functions of each transmitter in order to verify correct
    system operation.
    DonW, Mar 18, 2005
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  3. kissrawks

    kissrawks Guest

    Thank you, this worked great without a problem!
    kissrawks, Mar 21, 2005
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